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Isagenix Austin TexasOne thing I noticed when I started taking Isagenix products over a year ago – there are no Isagenix Austin distributors. Of course, that’s something I’m working hard to change. I believe the products, company, and culture are second to none in the nutrition industry, and I look forward to sharing them with local Austinites who are interested in looking and feeling their best.

However, if you’re looking for Isagenix in Austin TX, for now I encourage you to contact me to place an order, or if you just need more information. I’ll be happy to assist you with product selection, getting started on your cleanse, and with getting on wholesale status so you can save money on your next order.

Isagenix Austin – About the Products

Isagenix products are without a doubt the best nutritional supplements I have ever tried. And, I’ve tried dozens of brands before settling on Isagenix. I’ve been a trainer and martial arts instructor here in Austin, TX since 1996 so believe me I’ve been pitched on everything.

But, even though I’ve tried other brands of nutritional products, I stopped retailing them in my studios several years ago. The reason was because, with the other brands I’d tried, I only really liked one or two products in those lines of supplements. So, I just couldn’t feel good about offering them if I really wasn’t using them on a daily basis.

So, when I came across Isagenix I had some shipped to my Austin studio and tried them for well over a month. I also got my wife to try them, and she admittedly hates taking vitamins. At the end of our trial period on Isagenix, we were both believers in their products. Since that time, I’ve tried the majority of their nutritional products, and have several favorite Isagenix products that I take daily, including Ionix, IsaDelight, Essentials for Men, IsaFruits, Isagenix Greens, IsaOmega, and C-Lyte, to name a few.

Isagenix Austin – About the Business

Although 83% of the people who use Isagenix products are customers, if you’re interested in finding out more about the Isagenix business opportunity and potential I’ll be more than happy to speak with you. There’s no stocking or shipping of products at all; all you need to do is use them and tell other people you know what they’ve done for you.

And chances are, if you do a 30-day cleanse people are going to be asking you how you’re losing weight. You’d be surprised how many of those people will end up becoming customers of Isagenix. Austin TX isn’t a big Isagenix town yet, but don’t be surprised if a year from now everyone you know also knows someone who has done an Isagenix cleanse.

So, whether you’re interested in the products for improving your health or weight loss, or if you’re interested in learning how you can become an Isagenix associate and retail the products in your gym or as a home-based business, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you get started.

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